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Get ready for Hammerschmidt

November 11, 2008


Truvativ’s innovativ 2-speed crank-gear has been designed especially for riding purposes within the range of All-Mountain to Freride. It combines the advantages of shiftable chain rings and chain guide. Additionally it provides more ground clearance, allows immediate shifting actions under full load as well as without pedalling and provides a better function of the rear suspension because the front chain-drag vector stays constant.NICOLAI have now modified the Nicolai Models Helius AM, FR, ST and the Ion ST for the mounting of a Hammerschmidt. On demand these Models can be ordered with this option. For this the BBU width of the mentioned Helius frames has been changed from 68 to 73 mm. The Hammerschmidt mounting is realised by a changed ISCG (ICMS) mount too. The previous Nicolai ISCG mount was not capable to take a Hammerschmidt. Due to this it’s very important that customers make an extra note in your order for Hammerschmidt if you want to mount this system later to yo ur bike. The price for the Hammerschmidt option is the regular ISCG surcharge.

Hammerschmidt will not be available untill early 2009, to be ordered with custom NICOLAI frames only.

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