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Inspired & TrialTech’s 2009 Arrival

December 15, 2008

Latest from Inspired and TrialTech

The long awaited 2009 Inspired is here! couldnt mamage to get the sky blue frame, which was one of the two new colour for 2009! However, we manage to get these two frames off UK’s first shipment of frames together with TartyBikes and the big boys out there!

Inspired FourPlay 2009
The Only Two in Asia?

New shaved off CNC yoke, really beefy seat stays with new square chainstays! Frame doesnt look like it
need a brake brace for us Asians!

Extra Beefy Looking Headtube! The extra rimmings are like at least 8-10mm thick?

New Drop out are no longer “Vertical” The older frames have had some issues with rear wheels falling off the dropout, problem have been solved now with dropouts that are angled backwards! it will only lock in more when you do a 180 and land wrong! Some advance design which we have only seen so far on our custom Nicolai Suspension Frames! A pure street-trials worthy frame indeed!

TrialTech Key Ring is HERE!
Retailing now at SGD$20.00

“The ultimate trials trinket, 50% replica of the SL UCI bashring made from 100% titanium…”

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