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Dani Comas wins in Ripoll (on the 2009 221 Kamel)!

April 23, 2009

”Dani Comas, Monty rider, has demonstrated that he is in great form condition by obtaining the victory in the inaugural event of the World Cup on wheel 20″”, held in Ripoll (Spain).


Dani supported a duel until the end with Benito Ros, but finally he could get 5 points of difference at the end of the event. In the third position, the Polish rider Rafal Kumorowski, with 14 points with respect to Dani.

However, in the 26″” category of the World Cup, our Monty rider most popular in the mass media kenny Belaey finished in second position. But, here, he did not finish with his performance, since he took part in the second event of the Spanish Championship as well, getting the victory followed by Dani Comas, both with Monty and leaving in third position Benito Ros.

Good performance by the Gemma i Mireia Abant twins, obtaining the second and third position respectively, and facing with possibilities for the final victory of this World Cup.


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