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Nicolai Factory Visit Part #1 – The people and scenery…

May 26, 2009

Jansen, our rider and representative visited Nicolai Factory in Germany 2 weeks ago. Thanks to all the great people who took care of Jansen from the Nicolai Factory so nevertheless we will definitely feature them  first! More pictures will be posted!

Heres Jansen and Mr Kile Nicolai , owner, founder, designer… the original poison!

Here’s Falco ! another important man in Nicolai Factory

Jansen and the Chief Welder, the person that’s responsible for all the big fish scale welding and beautiful bikes!

Next is the ultimate order taker! Mr Vincent !

Vincent trying to demonstrate how the painting process is…

The sticker man!!! Techfont’s creator??!?!

Some relax moments out side the factory….

The precise machining engineers!

Factory’s Entrance, no one would have guess this place here makes wonderful bikes with superb engineering!

Kile’s Home

Some other parts of the factorty – the Painting Department…

Some other photos and scenery to and fro the Factory…

More Pictures of the Manufacturing process in Part # 2 and al the Bike pictures in Part # 3!! Keep a watch for this space!

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