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Guess what? More Nicolai Stuff!

June 1, 2009

We’re truly sorry for posting Nicolai related news/products almost everyday but hey we really can’t help it. Ha! But seriously their stuffs just too good to not post!

What we’ve got for you today are photos of the new 2010 Nicolai Helius AC! This sweet bike belongs to forum user, Testmaen.

According to him, this bike won’t be replacing the Helius CC at least for now.

Features of the frame include:
– Up to 147mm travel
– 4 travel adjustment settings (10mm between settings)
– Steeper head angle and seat angle than the Helius AM
– More tire clearance than the Helius CC
– Additional butterfly gussets on headtube and downtube
– Roughly 2.8 to 3.0 kg’s

Additionally, Testmaen also took some photos at the 2009 Nicolai Season Opener of the new anodized colours from Nicolai! We’ve got Red and Green, but so far no photos of the Orange.

Click here to view the thread for more photos and info! Big thanks to Testmaen for his help too!

Do feel free to contact us for more info! Address and phone numbers are at the about us page!

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