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Nicolai Visit #4 – Just when you thought we’ve shown you everything…

June 1, 2009

Here are 2 frames from Nicolai that you don’t see too often. When Jansen showed us these photos we were stunned. So you pretty much get the idea. Haha.

First up is this Argon based fixed frame with 135mm rear hub spacing!

These dropouts can only mean one thing. This frame is made to be able to run the all new Gates Carbon Drive system! That’s gonna be one super silent fixie!

And last but not least, my personal favorite, the BMXTB trials frame! Well yes, Nicolai has produced BMXTB based trials frames before but this frame in particular has to be the sweetest looking one so far (damn I love the headtube gusset). This frame is also made to be able to run the Gates Carbon Drive!

This frames geometry looks similar to how 26” trials frames were like a couple of years ago. When it evolved from something that seemed like your regular MTB hardtail, into a more compact frame where the top tube was sloped down more for better clearance, all this without those ridiculous bottom bracket heights. This made for a stable, well balanced frame that was nice to ride on both wheels, just as it did on the rear wheel. We’re sure this frame would do just that and ride sweet.

Once again a great example of just how customisable Nicolai frames are.

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