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2009 European BikeTrial Championship – Dani Takes The Win!

June 2, 2009

The 2009 European BikeTrial Championship took place just a couple of days ago on May 30th to 31st. It was none other than Monty rider Dani Comas who won the Elite category!

Here is the excerpt from the Monty website:

On May, 30 – 31, the European Biketrial Championship 2009 was held in L’Escala ( Girona ) under optimal weather conditions for the practice of this sport.

There were a large participation of riders from all the Old Continent, it shall mention the rider: Vaclav Kolar who took the second place, behind our top rider Dani Comas in the Elite class.

Undoubtedly, Dani’s level can be considered to be superior from the other riders, as it is evidenced in the results of this season. Mostly, getting a huge difference in penalty points with respect to their fellows as it could be seen this weekend, he made 31 points less than the second classified.

Besides, the fact that Dani, in three days, did more than 1000km since on Saturday, he performed an exhibition in a trial indoor event in Logrono, and once the show was finished, he went directly to L’Escala, and with almost no time to rest, he rode the next day, Sunday, getting the first place.

Others riders to mention by their performance: Gemma Abant, first place and her sister Mireia with the second place, who had to make a round-off. Marc Prat in Junior class and Bernat Seuba in Minime class.

The event was organized with great success by the Club BikeTrial Garrotxa, with Mr. Rai and Mr.Roig, and Jaume Kleiner, who was honoured by his great work in this sport.

Now, it is being considered to be able to organize the World Biketrial Championship in L’Escala, by its climatology and beauty of the area, an optimal place for this important event.

Check out the rest of the photos here!

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