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Videos from the UCI World Cup 4X and DH!

June 22, 2009

Man did you guys watch the Downhill finals over on Freecaster or on cable? Well if you didn’t I suggest you watch it on Freecaster when they post up the repeat of the Men’s Downhill Finals. I think it was definitely one of the most unexpected wins of the season!

Fabien Barel, after being out of action from the first 3 rounds (suffering a really nasty crash that dislocated his knee and tore his ligaments a week before the first round in South Africa) totally blew everyone’s minds away by winning the Men’s Downhill! Steve Peat and Gee Atherton were both looking faster than Barel at the splits at the top half of the track, but it just wasn’t their day. Peaty sufferd a puncture and Gee crashed just before the final sprint to the finish line.

In the last round in Fort William Barel came in a very respectible 15th. Take note that he decided not to have surgery done to his knee but instead went for therapy for about 7 weeks before getting back onto the bike, and he also had to wear a knee brace that blocked a lot of blood flow. What made it better for the ex World Champion was that it was his first time on the podium since 2005 after a bad string of injuries. Truly an awesome Round 5 in Maribor, Slovenia.

I didn’t manage to catch Gates Nicolai rider, Joris Bigoni’s run though cos the live feed was a little screwed. I only saw him sitting in the hot seat for a while waving into the camera, Haha. He placed 27th out of 83 riders in Maribor, and he is curently 35th in the overall standings! Good job!

Okay sorry where was I?… Ah yes videos!

Courtesy of MPORA/Dirt TV:
World Cup Day 1 at the pits
World Cup Day 2 at the pits
DH Helmet Cam
4X Helmet Cam
World Cup Track Walk
World Cup Friday Practice
World Cup Saturday
World Cup DH Finals
World Cup 4X

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