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2009 National BikeTrial Championship, Round 2 – Part 1, The Action!

June 27, 2009

The second round of the 2009 National BikeTrial Championship was held at Toa Payoh Town Park (the location of last years final round) on the 14th of June. The competition featured once again 5 sections, with 3 laps per rider. Although the sections were set in the same areas of rocks as last year, slight modifications to the lines were made to keep things interesting. After a grueling Round 1 at Bukit Timah, the riders were treating to a less challenging trial which was just as fun! Lets have a look at what went on that day!

We’ll start with the Open category first. For this round, 4 out of 5 riders were competing for the first time. They included the two singlespeed BlackMRKT street riders, Ken Leow and Bryan Eio, as well as Ng De Yao, and Wan Aris Wan Razali, two riders who have just started riding BikeTrial.

Bryan Eio
Ben Leow (Good!)
Wan Aris Wan Razali

Wan Aris Wan Razali (who made the trip over from Malaysia with Syarul) came in 1st! Syarul said that he had been teaching Aris the basics of BikeTrial and he had also been practicing with him almost everyday following up to the competition. Rumor has it that Aris has only been riding for a month so he has surely got some skills! Watch out for this guy! Bryan Eio came in 3rd, just 9 dabs away from 2nd placed rider, Ben Leow. This just goes to show that even street riders too can ride BikeTrial, and we also heard that Bryan was thinking of getting himself a proper trial bike!

Soon Zhao Hui
Joel Lim

In the J. Senior category, the positions were the same as the last round. Which meant that it was none other than Andrea Lim who came in 1st place! He rode smoothly all morning and managed to clean quite a number of sections. He was also hardly getting past 1 or 2 dabs in the rest, only with the exception of going over the bars in Section 1 of Lap 2 that caused him 5 points! With his great results this year, Andrea has been promoted to Elite! Following right behind him was veteran Joel Lim in 2nd and Soon Zhao Hui in 3rd!

Kaden Low
Walton Seah
Ben Loh

Lastly, we have the Elite category. It was one of the closest trials of the season with the top three riders getting 10 dabs or less. It was an even closer fight for the top two places with only a difference of 1 dab to determine who would win! At the end of the day it was Ben Loh who emerged as the champion for a second time in a row! Walton Seah came in a very close 2nd, and Kaden Low was just a couple of dabs away in 3rd!

J. Senior

Although the number of competitors were little, everyone still had tons of fun and it was a great competition! Big thanks goes out to the observers and of course the guys who built the sections! Here they are!

The location for Round 3 has not been confirmed yet, but if things go to plan we will be holding a competition with man-made sections! We’ll keep you updated on that but we will definitely need everyone’s help in order to make it work! In the mean time stay tuned for Part 2!

All photos courtesy of Benjamin Teo/OhCheese


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