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More news on the Helius AFR!

August 3, 2009

Here is an excerpt of a recent article published by on the new Helius AFR.

Quashing the rumours

Nicolai have also released more pictures of their new Helius AC, which we showed you back in June – see the lower half of the thumbnail gallery at the top of the page – and quashed internet forum rumours regarding the demise of some older models. Here’s what they had to say:

“Normally we don’t drop models – see the Lambda, for example. Since the Lambda’s glory days, three generations of new Nicolai downhill frames have passed by, but we’re still keeping it. I admit that compared to modern downhill frames the Lamda is a dinosaur. But some people do love dinosaurs, and from time to time we still receive a Lambda order. Then we take that old, dusty welding jig from the attic, build another Lambda and make a customer happy.

“The new Nicolai Helius generation will have a similar effect on the elder Helius models. With the release of the Helius AC, AM and AFR there will surely be increasingly less interest in the Helius CC, FR and ST. The new Helius generation is technically advanced, lighter; it comes with the new, lean design, new bearing technology, state-of-the-art geometry, new options, devices and extras.

“But there will still be riders preferring the old style; riders who don’t care about weight so much, who want to do an epic ride on a bombproof enduro frame and race the same one down the track at a local downhill race. So, from time to time we will take the old dusty jigs from the attic again and weld two or three Helius FR or ST frames.”

Just puts a smile on your face doesn’t it? 🙂

Oh yes and here is another interesting article off, an interview of KarlHeinz Nicolai! The founder of none other than… Nicolai. Haha.

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