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UCI World Cup DH & 4X – Round 7, Bromont, Canada

August 8, 2009

Bromont 1

So another round of the UCI World Cup DH & 4X is over, Round 7 just took place last weekend and boy was it fantastic! The track in Bromont was a little shorter than most but it definitely made it up with awesome technical sections. I didn’t get to watch the live feed though but i managed to catch the Top 5 Men’s DH and 4X over on All I can say is that it just gets better after every round!

In the Men’s DH it was Greg Minnaar of the Santa Cruz Syndicate who came back from a disastrous result in Round 6 to take first place. He is now 2nd Overall just 16 points away from Sam Hill! From his interview on Vital MTB (previously known as Litter Mag), he actually got a phone call just before his race run from his friend and rider, Marc Beaumont, about the changing track conditions just before his run. According to the guys at VitalMTB it played a big part in the days results.

Fabien Barel came in 2nd just 0.46 seconds behind Minnaar. Just amazing to watch how he is still pushing it even after his injury, remember he is still on the knee brace!

It was also another great result for Aaron Gwin! 3rd in Round 6 and now 5th in Bromont! Not bad at all for a guy who made his debut just a year ago. If I’m not wrong he has only been riding DH for 2 to 3 years? His background in Motocross and BMX Racing really shows in his riding. Could this be a sign of things to come though? This season we have been seeing a lot of great results coming from the Americans, and hey you never know, we might just get an American on the DH World Championship podium this year after nearly 9 years.

Coming in 1st once again in Bromont, Sabrina Jonnier has also secured her place as the Women’s World Cup DH Champion!

In the Men’s 4X Joost Winchman of the Netherlands came in 1st place followed by American, Mitch Ropelato. In his 2nd World Cup this young kid really came from no where i tell you, and he did really well keeping up with the top guys, so remember the name! If you were wondering where Jared Graves was the whole time, he was actually in the commentator’s booth as he already secured the overall title in the Men’s 4X in Round 6!

Randomly I also spotted a French, Nicolai jersey wearing, rider by the name of Quentin Derbier who came in 5th on what looked like a BMXTB! It was tough luck for Gates Nicolai rider, Joris Bigoni, who came in 74th. He did very well in the qualifying coming in 22nd, but a possible mistake at the top during is final run might have caused him to lose a lot of time. No matter what he’s still got many years ahead of him so it’s just a matter of time!

Alright enough talking, time for the videos, a lot of them! Enjoy the commentary by Rob Warner and crew. Rob is the funniest and the best damn commentator ever, I was laughing away the whole time!
Men’s DH Top 5
Women’s DH Top 5
Men’s 4x Semi 1
Men’s 4X Semi 2
Men’s 4X Final
Women’s 4X Semi 1
Women’s 4X Semi 2
Women’s 4X Final

DH Track Walk
DH Helmet Cam
DH Thursday Practice
DH Friday
DH Qualifying
DH Finals
4X Helmet Cam
4X Highlights

Stay tuned for the UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships in Canberra, Australia, 1st-6th September 2009! Is anyone making the trip down under? I sure wish I could.

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