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2009 UCI World Cup, The Finale! – Round 8, Schladming, Austria.

September 19, 2009


It has been one hell of a World Cup season so far and this weekend will be the final showdown in the points standings for the 4X & Downhill events. Jared Graves had already secured his place as the 4X World Cup Champion since Round 6. Sabrina Jonnier had also done the same in the Women’s Downhill.

Now all eyes will be on the men as it’s gonna be a pretty close fight to see who would be crowned the World Cup Champion. Currently Sam Hill is leading the points but with Greg Minnaar and Steve Peat close behind it’s gonna be a close one.

Just 2 weeks ago at the World Championships we saw Australia dominate the 4X in front of a home crowd, with Jared Graves and Caroline Buchanan taking the Men’s and Women’s 4X titles respectively. It was an emotional win for the both of them. The 4X World Championship title had been eluding Graves for the past few years and he was always so close to getting the title but it never happened till this year. A lot of people agreed that if there was anyone more deserving in getting the title it would have to be Graves.

In the Women’s Downhill it was a shocker with Emmeline Ragot taking the Women’s World Championship title as Sabrina Jonnier took a fall during her final run.

The Men’s Downhill saw another great and well deserved victory with Steve Peat taking the World Championship title! Just like Graves, he had been really close to getting the title quite a few times, but it always didn’t seem to work out. For someone who has been competing in the World Cup circuit since 1995, he’s got a whole lot of determination, and he’s probably the oldest at age 35! A great win indeed!

Anyways back to the World Cup! 4X will start in a couple of hours time and the Men’s and Women’s DH will be shown at around 8pm (for those of you in Singapore) tomorrow! As usual you can catch all the action LIVE over on!

Click here to watch the World Cup LIVE, via!

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