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2009 National BikeTrial Championship, Round 3 – Part 1, The Action!

November 19, 2009

Xiao Guilin, Bukit Gombak was the location for the Round 3 of the 2009 National BikeTrial Championship. Due to the lack of helpers and participants, the format for the competition was a little different than usual. It was decided that we would move from one section to the other as a group. Which meant that after a rider has finished his section, he would have to wait for everyone else to finish before continuing to the next section. Anyways let’s get down to the action!

Wan Aris Wan Razali

In the Open category, we had two new competitors joining Wan Aris Wan Razali, Ben Leow, and Bryan Eio. They were Kelvin Goh and Mohammed Bin Ali, who were both BikeTrial riders back in the day. Since they had recently built up new bikes to start riding again, the both of them decided to join the comp!

Kelvin Goh
Ben Leow
Mohammed Bin Ali

Both Mohammed and Kelvin proved that their age was only a number and they took 1st and 3rd places respectively! Taking 2nd position was Ben Leow.

Soon Zhao Hui

In the J. Senior category, the boys were joined by Clement Ng. He was back after his absence from riding and competing due to his injuries. Although the sections were fun they proved to be pretty challenging.

Gavin Ong
Chai Chin Cher
Clement Ng

Despite his injuries Clement easily took the win! Chai Chin Cher took 2nd position and Gavin in 3rd. Soon Zhao Hui actually tied with Chin Cher and Gavin in terms of points, but he missed out a podium spot due to his timing.

Andre Lim

In the Elite category, we had Matthew Tan, Ben Loh, and Kaden Loh fighting for the podium spots. The sections for the Elite category comprised of gaps and some pretty steep elements which were great to watch.

Matthew Tan
Ben Loh
Kaden Low

Taking the top spot was Kaden Low, close behind in 2nd was Ben Loh, and Matthew Tan in 3rd place!

J. Senior

At the end of the day the new format proved to be both a blessing and a curse. Everyone could watch and learn from each others lines, and the older riders would have the opportunity to guide and mind the younger ones. But by the time everyone had gotten to the next section, they had to warm up again and it was extremely tiring for them.

Nevertheless it was still a great competition. Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thanks to the boys who helped to build the sections, the observers, timers, and everyone who came down to support the competition! The next round will be the final round of the year and it will be held in conjunction with the 2009 Nature Ride Challenge on the 6th of December! See you there!

All photos courtesy of Benjamin Teo/OhCheese

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