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Repaired Nicolai 2MXTB.

February 1, 2010

This 2MXTB was brought to us some time back in October last year. It had previously been assembled with a headset which had a shallow insertion depth, and we immediately advised to owner of the frame to use a deep cup headset which has at least a 22mm insertion depth. This is a requirement by Nicolai to prevent any damage to the headtube for most of their frames.

True enough though, the headtubes reinforcement welds showed signs of fatigue and cracked upon the installation of a new deep cup headset.

We had no choice but to send the 2MXTB back to the Nicolai factory in Germany, where it was made barely 5 years ago, for a review and at the same time get the frame repaired. Nicolai received the frame and immediately understood the problem. They replaced the entire headtube and of course gave it a brand new paint job! Here is the repaired 2MXTB, it looks as good as new!

For more information on Nicolai’s warranty policy, click here!

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