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Nicolai 2010 All Over Again!

March 16, 2010

Another shipment of 2010 Nicolai frames have arrived! (I apologise if some of the gloss finished frames are a little too glaring to look at, I’ve tried my best to tone down the photos. It just goes to show how good the finishing is on them Nicolai’s)

Argon 29’er. Bronze Anodized. Custom Geometry. Custom Cable Guides. This frame will be set up with the Gates carbon drive/Rohloff hub combination.

Argon FR. Yamaha YZ Blue, with lots of silver glitter! Custom guides.

Helius AM. Signal Yellow front triangle. Anodized Black swingarm and rocker links. Hammerschmidt.

Blackspire deep cup headset.

Helius RC. Gloss White front triangle. Anodized Black Swingarm. Anodized Blue bearing cover and rocker links.

Helius AC 29’er. Sulphur Yellow, with Gloss White chainstays. Anodized Blue bearing covers and rocker links. Special unknown colour for the decals on this bike. Custom Geometry. 90/100/110mm travel. Hammerschmidt.

Custom Rest deep cup headset.

Custom Rock Shox Monarch.

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