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Monty Bikes Presented At West Coast Shows!

April 21, 2010

During the month of March, Monty Singapore, inconjuction with promotional works with BikeTrial Singapore was present at West Coast Plaza to do a series of demos. The riders wowed the crowed with a variety of spectacular stunts and bike handling skills, and they really seemed to enjoy the ‘human demos’ the most. The Monty XXV was also presented together with the other top riders in Singapore!

On the following weekend after the demo at West Coast Plaza, we headed to West Coast park for the Coast 2 Coast Sports Fiesta. We were invited by the organisers to showcase the sport of BikeTrial to the participants, and at the same time they could have a go on the trial bikes provided by Monty Singapore.

We had guys and girls of all ages having a go on the Montys and some of them were pretty good!

We also managed to squeeze in a demo for the participants, just before the heavens opened and we had to run for cover.

Big thanks to Vivian from Inline Culture, Uncle Jeff (for the fantastic props), as well as everyone who came down to support us during the demos!

All photos by Benjamin Teo/OhCheese.

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