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Coast 2 Coast!

June 9, 2010

Coast 2 Coast is a unique series of 4 quarterly events organised by AX Sports to showcase the various outdoor sports that can take place across the Coastal Parks in Singapore.

The public will be able to participate in free sports tryouts from: Archery, BikeTrial, Bossball, Combat Skirmish, Floorball, Inline Skating, I-Bounce, Jumping Jacks, Kite Flying, LaserClay, Pedal Go-Kart, Street Surfing, Whizzstack, Ultimate Frisbee and ZOVB.

Since this 2nd installment of Coast 2 Coast is held at the Xtreme Skate Park, AX Sports has included 3 special competitive categories to highlight this event! They are: Speed Dual BikeTrial, Quad-Cross, and MTB Park.

AttitudeBikes will be setting up a booth at the event and we will have some really good offers and promotions on our products! Our riders will also be taking part in the competitive categories so come on down and support us!

The Competitive Categories:

Speed Dual BikeTrial
‘’BikeTrial on steroids is what this is.’’

2 riders compete against each other head to head on a technical trials-style course, the first rider who crosses the finish line, wins. Qualifying is done by timing every rider on how fast he or she completes the course individually. The top 16 riders are then qualified for the main event. After which, the fastest rider will be paired with the slowest rider, to create a knock-out system that will determine the top 3 positions at the end of the dual. As this is ‘BikeTrial on steroids’, every time a rider puts a foot onto the ground, a 1 second penalty will be added upon his timing.

‘’Four Cross, minus the dirt, in the skatepark.’’

4 riders race on a marked course around the skatepark, simply trying to cross the finish line first. All riders will go for 1 individually timed run on the course to determine their qualifying position. They will then be placed into groups of 4. These groups will consist of a faster rider, a slower rider, and 2 riders with average timings. They will race against each other in elimination rounds until the top 3 positions are determined.

MTB Park
‘’A park competition for those who like their wheels a little larger.’’

Riders compete in a jam format to impress the judges with their tricks and flow in the skatepark. In the qualifying, riders will each have a 60 second run. They will be judged based on: ‘flow & speed’, ‘difficulty’, ‘originality (trick and lines)’, ‘variety (tricks and lines)’ and execution. So remember guys, it is not all about who can do the best trick because everything counts. After which, the top 10 riders will proceed on to do 2, 60 second runs. Their positions will then be determined by taking the best score of their 2 runs.

118 Telok Kurau Road
Singapore 423803
+65 6344 4579

*Please be informed that registration closes on the 13th of June.
*Late registration on the event day will end at 10am. (Limited spaces available so register early!)

Event Schedule:

1000 – 1200
Speed Dual BikeTrial Practice
Quad-Cross Practice

1100 – 1200
Bike Check For All Categories

1200 – 1230
Riders Briefing For All Categories
BikeTrial Demo

1230 – 1400
Quad-Cross Competition

1400 – 1430
MTB Park Demo

1400 – 1530
Speed Dual BikeTrial Competition
MTB Park Practice
BikeTrial Demo

1530 – 1700
MTB Park Competition
MTB Park Demo

Prize Presentation

Click here for more updates on this event!

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