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Eurobike 2010: Nicolai Nucleon E2

September 8, 2010

More news from Eurobike! Nicolai released a ‘successor’ to the ION G-Boxx 2 frame, called the Nucleon E2. It has gone back to using the original 14 speed gearbox that utilises the same internals found in the Rohloff speedhub. Also known as the G-Boxx 1, it will replace the 7 speed gearbox that was available in the GB2.

But why go back to old technology you might ask? Well from what we heard from the Nicolai community at the MTBR forums, the G-Boxx 2 is not affordable for Nicolai anymore, as the production costs are far higher than what it can be sold for. Therefore Nicolai have decided to take a step back and have gone back to using the G-Boxx 1, as it has offers same unmatched performance and reliability.

What you can be sure about though is that this is not the end of internal gearbox technology for Nicolai, as you can be sure that Karl Nicolai will release something revolutionary in the very near future, and he never fails to surprise us.

By the way, did you guys notice the Cane Creek Double Barrel shock? Because it is now available as an option for selected Nicolai frames!

Click here for more photos and info! (via

Photos courtesy of ‘Testmaen’ from the MTBR forum.

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