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A New Trend Perhaps?

October 30, 2010

With the previous post of the “R” ‘ed Nicolai Helius AFR, we can’t help but to talk about one of our own trail bike that’s equipped with a Rohloff Speed Hub as well.

This frame was ordered to be Rohloff compactable rather like the conversions that we have done for the AFR and AM.
Special Rohloff drop-outs and cable guides were chosen to create a clean and neat cable routing around Nicolai’s Patented Horst-Link linkage system.

Some may have not even heard about this fantastic idea but in Germany, companies like Tune, specialized in light weight and colorful bicycle products made after-market versions of the twist shifters in many colors to choose from. You can also spot other tune products on this bike like the 20mm front thru-axle hub and the 34.9mm seat clamp with titanium levers.

With 14 speeds that has a range as wide as a 3×9 or even 3×10 ( depending on your sprocket and rear cog set up), stationary shifting capabilities, dual cable system ( when one is pulling the other is pushing),it some how becomes, in our opinion, the most reliable drive-train system created for bicycles. The multiple options they provide make it adaptable and can be mounted on almost any bicycle.

Rohloff provides a clean look with one single chain-line on the drive train only and with this, maintenance has been brought down to its minimum. No more miss-shifts, jumping gears, cross chain/chain line issues to worry about.

Never-the-less, it has its down side as well considering the weight of the physical hub which makes it difficult to make sure the weight can be well balance onto our standard bicycles. It’s a matter of individual tolerance in the additional weight versus the common reliability issues of traditional group-sets. Will this be the next drive-train technology or will it continue to be well loved by individuals who put reliabilities on their top priority?

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  1. November 3, 2010 3:56 pm

    A great article. Thank you

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