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New Skol Bike. Old School Idea.

November 19, 2010

What do you get when you mix an old school rider coming back to riding after a long break, struggles along the way of this build. Adapting and giving in to the latest bikes and components, while in search of the perfect “Old School” feel. We started off by repainting this NS Suburban 26″ frame to remove the original colour and “New Skol-ness”…

Proud owner of this new ride , Jek, has this special requirement for a stiff and reliable front fork. So answering him in year 2010 street bikes component terms – A RockShox Pike 426 with 20mm maxle with 95-140 U-Turn travel is more then perfect for his application! Special request under the same line sees a Chrisking Gold NoThreadSet Headset which was proven over the years and still as it was, unbeatable strength and smoothness.

Jek Wanted to go for the Kings of Hub – ChrisKing, to match the Headset, but realize that they no longer produce that loud humming and crispy tune, We suggested Hope Pro 2 Trials. Known for the loud clicking noise from the high tension springs pushing against the ratchet pawls and Jek was sold. First step into the “New Skol”. And with his all time love for Magura Products, a set of Magura Marta SL 2011 in Red was assembled with 160mm rotors front and back.

Drive-Train was taken care off with a OneEighth Crank set in 165mm, 48T spline BB on a 25T sprocket – A special request, again in the “Old School” ways. Not forgetting the Azonic Pedals that provide some crazy grip but definitely not very Shin-Friendly! Other parts were simple, Deity Seat, seat post , Stem fill up the blanks and an Alloy Inspired bar suddenly appear out of no where! This was selected specially for its width and back sweep that’s similar to the specs of the old ProTaper Bars/ Azonic which sadly, could not be found for this build.

So here we are, a fusion rather then confusion. A perfect example of acceptance of changes without the compromises of brand loyalty from past memories. We leave Jek with his new bike a couple of hours ago and we hope this will bring his passion back into this “new” street culture.

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