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1 of a kind , only 2 in the world.

November 25, 2010

As you may have seen this bike already, its a Tailored made Nicolai Helius AC 29ner. Meant for 100-120mm travel on both front and rear, featured earlier this year when it arrive for one of our customer. Who happens to also own the latest Nicolai Nucleon AM 2011, the complete package of Nicolai’s gearbox technology.

A little update that the bike has since moved on and been transfered to the owner’s buddy after getting a new bike for himself. Bearing the pain from the loss of 1 of the only 2 such bikes being build by Nicolai, but definately strengthen the bonds in friendship between the two of them!

Terrence, being the new onwer, decided to make it a little more then just the usual head-turner-already-bike. Adding a dropper seat post from KS with extra blue bits add ons and a hope 34.9 blue bolt on seat clamp. A pair of blue Loaded AMXC 29ner rims and running a tubless set up.

Now we have two happy customers with their smiliar colors and yet build with different and in their own special ways, and making this their dream bikes.

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