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10 Years on.

December 2, 2010

What you see here is a GrossManProject FDT. Year 2000/2001 model still shines like a new bike after a light polishing job. What you see here might well be the best condition FDT left on our shore. Does that mean that they are still many around? Yes. Because these FDTs are made so robust and tough, they often causes other parts on the bike to fail rather then the frame. This is German Technology at its best.

Sad news is that GrossManProject’s owner, Oliver Grossman have decided to take a break from bicycles, which is one of his many businesses so that he may reform the whole concept and designs for his line of products which mostly provides from XC to hardcore street, dual slalom, free-ride and downhill riding. We sincerely and faithfully, holding on to the day the brand returns to the industry to show case their passion for bicycles.

So wat exactly does “FDT” stands for? Well it states clearly on the top tube, “FreeStyle + Dual+ Trials “. This bike was build to be an ultimate hardtail bike which basically allows you to do anything with it. One of our riders back in 2002/2003 actually won a Downhill race in Malaysia with this frame equiped with a 120mm front fork!

But of course, you can do more then that. The owner actually bought a Used Domain fork and had us shorten the travel. Making sure the Axle to crown length of this fork will not heavily alter the Geometry of the bike; we had it down to 140mm travel -Maximum for this FDT frame.

Drive-train sees an upgrade using a BlackSpire NSX 32T-26T compatible chain guide, KMC X9 gold chain for the wow factor and an up to date out-bound bottom bracket XT crank set from Shimano. With this, we deliver the bike back to the owner’s careful hands and hope it last another 10 years or more!

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  1. Mac Azaman permalink
    December 5, 2010 7:54 pm

    Thanks a million to the guys @ Attitude Bikes who are responsible for what the bike has become right now…


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