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Monty 221 Kamel 2011

December 7, 2010

The final bikes/shipment from Monty this year have arrived with last few pieces of the 25th anniversary Monty XXV Kamel and first few pieces of 2011 models 221 Kamel.

Some changes were made to the 2011 bike as seen on the XXV Kamel, new Gussets on the head-tube and seat stays, new hydro foam top tube for robust and rigidity.

New Eagle claw bash ring cable of accommodating a 16T Monty freewheel that’s still under development.

This bike also features a new light weight sprocket with alternate thin sprocket teeth for weight savings. Monty will also be using 10 spd Connex Chain on all high-end models, this chain provide a much direct and stiff feel compared to other chain giving the rider maximum pedal efficiency to minimize torque lost when powering this 8kg out-of-the-box Monty. No doubt an expensive product for a wear and tear item, it does its job pretty well and it adds-on to the fantastic deal for such a production top of the line BikeTrial weapon for use by many professionals all over the globe.

Hope brakes continue to provide Monty with a special emblem-ed edition of the famous Hope Trials brake set with a pair of Monty Rotors which are made in Spain.

Monty have much success in their XXV so its not surprising that the new 2011 sees the exact replica of the XXVs , only in a different coat of paint and less blink out parts in that shining grim of gold.

Heres Matthew, another lucky owner to one of the 250 units worldwide.

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