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The Inspired FourPlay 2010.5

December 9, 2010

Picked up a neglected Inspired Fourplay 2010 brown frame from one of our customers upgrading to a 2011 model, we took the chance to build this up as a display bike to showcase at what extreme and possibility available for a simple FourPlay. Even though 2011 already have a fantastic line up of 24″ and 26″ High-end Street-Trial Specific as well as 24″ entry level Street-Trial Bikes.

New coat of Blue-ish Glossy White paint for both the frame and fork to make sure that the white stays long lasting and doesn’t deteriorate and turn “cream-ish” white. Additional color chosen for this ultimate eye catching contrast, we selected a few tones of red and of course some black parts as well. A replica of 2011 decal/locations in dark red was applied to match the anodized red parts. Such as the BlackSpire anodized red DH headset and a 31.8 Hope QR seat clamp with Inspired Pivotal Seat and Seat post.

Atomlab Gi Rims gets a new coat of Metallic Red paint and decals of the Atomlab logo to resemble the laser etched logos on authentic Pimplite and Pimp rims. Simple because they don’t come in red. What does come in Anodized Rum Red was the RaceFace Atlas AM crankset which the FR version was seen on one of Danny Mac’s prototype brown Inspired some time last year.

Rims were then laced to Hope Pro 2 Trials in Anodized red and holding the 16T cog we have some light weight Carbon Fibre TrialTech Single-speed spacers , and a TrialTech Single Speed Fixed Tensioner to make sure the chain line is in place. A DMR chain-stay protector in Bright Red shields the new coat of paint. Extreme grip in the 24″ tire range comes from a pair of DMR Moto-Digger 2.35 as seen on the latest orange prototype Inspired Skye.

We took advantage of the Limited Edition Magura 20th Anniversary HS33’s Anodized Red Lever blade to add more “Bling” to the boring Magura Louise FR running with 180mm Monty Rotors. A TrialTech 24″ 110×25 degrees stem locked down onto the 2011 Inspired Team fork was used in-conjunction with the latest Anodized Red Monty Kamel Handle bar. The foam grips that you see here comes from TrialTech as well!

A beauty created from an indestructible and long lasting frame combined with our custom building ideas and capability, we are proud to show case you what we call; The Inspired FourPlay 2010.5

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