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Matt Gilman – An Extraordinary man.

December 23, 2010

Stumble upon this video and we strongly think that we should share this video with fans of our blog’s out here. A short video interview with Matt Gilman, who lost his sight but still continue what he loves to do and still doing it at its best.

We are not talking about simple day to day living; we are talking about being a Senior Bicycle Mechanic. A Trials rider, who still rides and even do demonstrations to publics, a good friend to many and definitely a strong will succeed.

After watching this video, we took a trial bike and shut our eyes to do some simple track stand and back wheel hops. We are not sure we can be up to what he’s capable of in this video.

He deserves more that a pat on the back and tell him “it’s ok”. His influence that touches many who watch his video will be countless. His determination and self motivation deserves more then an award. He’s Extraordinary.

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