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Inspired 2011 Hex, FourPlay, Pictures.

January 11, 2011

We manage to get this shipment of a few frame and some parts before the year ends on New Year’s Eve and worked over time to have most of them build up on the same day since we ( customers, friends and ourselves) have been waiting eagerly for this shipment to arrive. And or course, everyone wants to ride during the long holiday weekends.

Starting off with the 2011 Inspired Hex, a new model featuring 26″ wheel size for the first time from a 24″ street trial specialist bike brand. Initial impression? Feels just like a Inspired FourPlay with bigger wheels, more stable but definitely more effort to throw some tricks.

More Details and Design went into the graphic works on this frame. Although most tube sets and welds seem similar with the Inspired FourPlay on the front end of the frame. Not forgetting to mention the impressive tone of Glossy Bright Red ( the other color option is Glossy Grey) that catches your eye even when the boys were having fun across the street. Will we see this color on the long awaited Inspired Skye?

With a decent wheelbase and a good effective top tube length this bike’s agility is worth a mention. Feels pretty much Trials worthy the moment you goes onto the back wheel. Yet maintaining that street feel when you pick up some speed to do a simple 180 trick.

New drop outs that’s also similar on the Inspired FouPlay, sharing the same hanger system. Neat and tucked inside the protection of a CNC drop out of the frame. A very well thought design indeed.

Not having sufficient time to have the bike ready for the day light out door shoot, we have to do it in the night right after its done before 2011 arrives. We figured it shouldn’t be much of a problem considering the nature of its original color – Lime Green.

Besides the Inspired Pivotal Seat in White and Inspired Pivotal Seat post along with the frame. Most of the parts were transfered from an Inspired FourPlay 2009 in British Racing Green.

After which a single speed conversion was done as the new frames now do not come with rear shifting cable guides. May be a minus to some but along comes the word “trend” and single speed takes over with the idea of simplicity, reliability and light weight.

Though there may be minus, a new HUGE plus point will be the new rear disc mount on the Inspired FourPlay. More people are attracted to this frame now due to the Twin disc application capability, as many gave up the thought previously due to the single brake application of HS33 for the rear only.

Decals and Graphic may not be as impressive as Inspired Hex, but Simplicity and proper positioning of the Inspired Lacquered in graphics makes it a pretty decent complete visual package.Overall with a shorter wheel base and the newly developed Inspired FourPlay fork, it gives a while new kind of fun factor where spinning trick becomes easier an the bike now is more Trial riding friendly as well with the previous model a little too lengthy and sensitive to the choice of fork.

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  1. Rhino permalink
    January 24, 2011 8:05 pm

    JAMES HEX!!!!!!!! i VOTE!~!!

  2. syafRider permalink
    April 29, 2011 8:53 am

    Fourplay looks awesome! wats the price thouggh?

  3. attitudebikes permalink*
    April 30, 2011 12:13 am

    Please email us at thanks!

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