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When “Original” Just Isn’t Enough

January 12, 2011

The owner picked the frame, we build the bike. But when he choose a color we got a shock. Yes, he wants to have a brand new 2011 Inspired FourPlay frame and Team fork repainted!

Having a decent budget, we were able to throw in a few standard “must have” parts on this Fourplay. Hope Pro 2 Trials laced on the rear wheel with Atomlab GI rims, custom blue Atomlab stickers.

Front wheel sees a TrialTech Hub instead to have a bolt on capability to ensure stiffness for some front wheel tricks. Rubber used are a pair DMR Moto Digger 2.35s.

Custom decals were made for this Inspired FourPlay as close to the original as possible, while we tranfered the rest of the parts from the owner’s previous love, a 26″ Rockman Switch. .

We hope the owner will enjoy the bike as much as we do. Espacially when sometimes, “Original” just isn’t enough for some.

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