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Onza Titanium 20″

January 14, 2011

A true Titanium Gem, traded off an undisclosed private bicycle collector’s forum overseas. An Onza Titanium 20″ BikeTrial Frame which was believe to be an one off Proto-Type.

Neat small scaled welding are evidence and tell tale signs that this frame was hand welded and this, mostly, can only be done properly in cold climate countries.

Custom and innovative cable guide system. Something we don see much around the bicycle industry. It shows how much thoughts the creator had for this piece of art.

Familiar individually welded brake mounts for 4 bolt Trials usage but with unfamiliar size – M6 bolt size instead of the much commonly standardized M5. Mounts were also precisely placed and calculated for maximum and minimum brake pad alignment movements that changes as the wheels move along the horizontal drop out when you tension or loosen the chain. This calculation and important part of BikeTrial frame making are still being neglected by most BikeTrial frame manufacturers out there.

Unique drop out design for Maximum strength and minimum flex. Thin drop outs that look like they are being precisely CNC machines and inserted into the Seat tube and Chain stay, before being attached onto the rest of the frame by welding.

A set of Limited Edition Magura 10TH anniversary HS33 brakes were used on this bike. Another rare item in the bicycle part collector’s circle. They come standard with Anodized Red Brake Braces ( not fitted ) and Original Magura Steel braided hoses with Aluminum Fittings.

Overall the bike looks pretty decent when its build up with some old school parts like Old 2000ish model Monty stems, along with a Titanium Riser Bar, Old Monty Hydra Chromo fork, Ringle Headset, Custom Fitted Bash plate, Old school Megamo Square Tapered Crank set, and a set of Monty 220 Kamel original wheelset. Ironically it happens to be the latest product on the bike.

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