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Team Attitude Bikes @ RedBull Dark Knights

January 27, 2011

Yes, its not longer a myth but a history- The first ever RedBull Dark Knights

The first every Night Downhill Race In Singapore was held on the 22nd January 2011 at Kent Ridge Park with a total of almost 200 competitors and more then double the number in spectators! Its been a while since the local cycling scene get this kind of atmosphere, most who attended swore to return shall this event becomes a yearly affair, locally.

Australian former BMX world champion Daniel Sprague emerge the overall winner for the night with his faster run of low 59 seconds while most riders wasn’t very successful in breaking the 1 min barrier except our very own local favorite , Tan Hong Jun from THC Racing. A well established local racing team whom have been flying our national colors high in most regional downhill events.

Here’s some photos of the event and our riders during the race! Some photos courtesy Remy Kebeau and contributions by others whom were there to witness this historical event. Apologize for the poor picture quality of some photo as we enjoyed the event so much we had forgotten about taking photos!

Lights for the Night !

Han on the starting Box for his practice run.

Ernest starting his practice as well!

Ben Teo, whom got the least practice due to National Service commitments.

Ken “flying” Leow

Walton clocked the fastest timing in the team of 1 min 15.9 seconds, followed by Han whom manage 1 min 18s with a crash and as a young and carzy kid, Ken Leow flew fast and misjudged most of the track but still manage with Sub 1 min 18s timings!

Here we are and Team Attitude Bikes will definitely be looking forward to the next race event where we can enjoy our team spirit in this small local racing scene.

Kallista Cheah Villenguez
Nicolai Nonius CC, 3rd in Womens open Cat.

Ken Leow
Black MKT Killswitch , 13th Junior Category out of 29 riders.

Peh Zhi Wei
Black MKT Mob , 21st Junior Category out of 29 riders.

Walton Seah,
Nicolai Helius AM , 23th in Open Category out of 98 riders.

Ong Wei Han ,
Nicolai UFO DS, 35th in Open Category out of 98 riders.

Ernesto Villenguez ,
Nicolai Helius AM , 37th in Open Category out of 98 riders.

Ben Teo,
Nicolai UFO DS , 57th in Open Category out of 98 riders.

Some videos of our riders Runs!


Ken Leow


Ben Teo

Zhi Wei

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