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New Magura Marta 2011 brakes

March 14, 2011

Here we have, a new range of Magura Martas – The most versatile yet to date set of brakes that have been manipulated in so many different ways and cater to so many different needs in the market like the Anodized gold, blue, red or silver Marta SLs and the SL Magnesium models last year, and the new Marta SL in red and black for this year, limited edition RaceLine and not forgetting the new Marta FR! So sit back as we review the latest range of Marta brakes and what they are meant for.

First of all, the new Magura Marta brakes will now come with this new Magura Storm SL rotors which are rather light weight. Our tests have shown that these rotors have very good resistance against heat build up which encourages brake fad on prolong braking in harsh descends. It also shows great balance between modulation and controllable braking power when needed. These rotors comes in 160mm, 180mm and 203mm so do make sure that the right choice of rotor sizes are being advised before placing your order for a set to maximize the potential of every Magura brakes minimize any unnecessary brake wears.

    The All-Rounder, Magura Marta SL

The standard Marta SL in Anodized red or Anodized Black for the year 2011 Model. It can be use from a 160mm rotor size front and back set up for Light to Race Cross Country use due to its light weight and high braking power from its Single big pot caliper, to a 203/180mm rotor size set up ( depends mostly on weight of rider and intended terrain) for Light trail riding to All Mounting usage. All in all, it can be an anyone’s brake set with minimum maintenance!

    Light weight Race use, Magura Marta SL Magnesium.

From the name i believe anyone can guess the difference, however only the main lever body (painted white) is made of magnesium but the caliper remains unchanged as the Single big pot aluminum alloy caliper. Although it may be hard to convince that this set of Marta will be the lightest of the lot due to the painted finish, it actually is and comes with many titanium hardware as standard like brake mounting bolts, lever bolts and even the rotor bolts! Usage would most likely stay at Cross Country/Marathon and being Magnesium it isn’t exactly the most robust set of brakes in this range right now for any other usage.

    Free Rider, Magura Marta FR.

Is it just a name or it really is different? Magura fans may be familiar with the long discontinued Magura Louise FR brakes back in year 2006/2007 intended for harsh usage and even riding downhill over the standard Louise! But this set of brakes you see here is just a standard Marta SL, anodized in Dark Olive green and some new graphic, White Magura Hoses and Alloy lever blades for additional rigidity/ cost effective replacement if you were to break anything. Consider the wide range of usage that the original Marta SLs have been put through as mentioned above, we believe this could be the answer for guys looking for a stronger lever bladed Martas. Intended usage maybe extended a little towards aggressive all mountain and light free riding with minimum 203/180mm rotors front and 180mm rotors on the back.

    The Collectibles. Magura Marta RaceLine Limited Edition

Only 600 sets were made, distributed and sold worldwide. Just like the limited collectible brakes like the Magura 10th and 20th Anniversary HS22/33 brakes. Performance and intended usage? Well besides that new paint job and the multiple request from Magura Fans all over the world to bring back the infamous “yellow” brakes ( Magura was well know for its bright luminous Hydraulic rim brakes and disc brakes from early to late 90s) Everything internally works exactly like the Magura Marta SLs. Only thing is, are you willing to scratch these up?

With that, we leave you with these little words and opinions from our many years of knowledge and experience for Magura with the help of our riders, customers, and friends whom also have supported and give us valuable feedback in understanding these fantastic brake sets which until today, like how it was more then 20 years ago, made with the highest engineering precisions, and creating such fine quality products for all of us to bring our riding enjoyment to the next level.

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  1. March 27, 2011 4:39 pm

    Fabulous post. I’ve saved this page to check back later.

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