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Taipei Show Part 2 – Atomlab & DMR

March 23, 2011

Continuing on our previous post. We bring you the final part of some exciting and flashy parts from Atomlab and DMR

First up we have the new colors from Atomlab for their Pimplite rims. As you can see more colors are available and they are finishing their production soon after multiple changes and test to make sure the quality are of the highest as previous issues with anodizing and the consistency of different color was pretty much the reasons for the delays.

We also see the colors being used on their new Pimp Bars and WRX pedals! More reviews once we recieve these nice gems!

New Pedals

Also seen during the show some new anodized colored Pimplite crank sets and we hope the can be available really soon as this will really pimp up our usual boring builds with white, back or silver cranks!

The new Trailking frame get major updates and light weight program saving much grams over its previous models. It also now features the shortest chain stay length for 26″ production Street/Dirt frame and the clearance on this frame enables you to really run the wheels very close to the new curve seat tube .

Another view of the new crank arms

Integrated headsets

Integrated Seat Clamps

And next up we have a few very interesting new products from DMR

Of course the actual frame is not there but they are ready for order now. Coming in the 2 color schemes shown below on the poster.

Design as a fun bike/ Slope style/ Short travel jump frame, this frame sure caters to most of the new cycling disciplines out there from 4x riding all the way to full blown hardcore trail riding!

We also saw a pair of new light weight direct mount stems for Boxxer of Fox 40. These are some of the first few finished pieces and we recon they will come with all the funky colors DMR provides in no time to come!

The all new Vault pedals, featuring special pedal studs that can be used in two different ways to create different grip level and personal comfort.DMR, Being well know for its range of popular pedals like V8, V12, and V12 Magnesium in the past they have definitely created a new industry standard of designer pedals for generic purposes. Not forgetting to mention that the best selling V8 pedals will also be available in Magnesium as well!

Notice the placements of the studs on the pedals. They studs will come in Anodized blue as standard and many other colors as add ons.

And the major highlight from DMR this time will definitely be these Chain guides – top and bottom piece can be separated! All chain guide sets can be mix and match ( of course the colors again) to have different top guides – again, we will give a more detail write up once we get them! We cant wait as well!

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