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Where Red and Gold Collide

March 24, 2011

A satisfied customer’s return is our honor. But we got a shock when this build was relatively new and pretty much of a story back then.

With the owner, Jek, throwing away the Old School and thinking something more agile and smaller like a 24″ wheel sized frame but not wanting to lose the stability of a 26″ Street/ Park bike. We introduced him to the new NS Suburban Park 2011 frame.

Designed with changes from 2010 where there were 24″ versions and 26″ versions of these frames, the 2011 only sees two different models running different geometries for diverse intended usage. “Dirt” for Dirt jumps with better high speed and high altitude stability while “Park” being a shorter and more agile. Frames are all 24″ and also 26″ compatible hence forget about the worries on the effects on riding feel when running the different wheel sizes.

And of course, Jek choose for what he intended before making a switch from a frame that was barely 4 months old. We were all suprise and blown away by how neat and yet unique the small amount of Anodized red and gold stands out the “cleanliness” of the Matt White frame.

Talk about persistence to get what you really want? We already have a ready example.

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