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X-Fusion HILO Adjustable Post

March 25, 2011

We are lucky to get our hand on a set of the newly anticipated X-Fusion HILO Adjustable Seat Post. More and more suspension companies like X-fusion, RockShox , Kind-Shock, and Crank Brothers Etc. have step into this market and have lanched pretty much all kind of actuating systems from ” office chair” – lever under the seat type , to ” remote” actuated seat post with cables extending from beneath all the way to the handle bar.

To our surprise this seat post can actually mount both ways depending on the owners choice and soon they will have color bits to match them with the color scheme of your bikes! “Blingers” Fall in! Not forgetting to mention that serving and warranty of these posts can be done locally.

We have yet to test/ try this seat post but we certainly hope that it will perform better and bring adjustable seat post to a new bench mark. Straying away to those horrific experiences with adjustable seat posts not returning back up or not collapsing down at all to shaky seats and damaged thread from over-tightening to prevent them from creaking.

In a way or another have seen and felt a fair share of what adjustable seat posts can offer. They cost a few seat posts in price, additional concerns and cares to sent them for servicing from time to time. But never-the-less they give us the adjustable we want at the right place, at the right time during the trails – provided it doesn’t fail on you. Till then, we will try this new post out and give our loyal readers some head ups on its performance!

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