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Project White Prince

March 26, 2011

Brand New, Stripped, Painted and sparkling new again. All these done in a mere 60 hours upon Inspired’s latest shipment for us. As the project was named, most of the parts have been painted white and small little bling parts here and there were chosen in Anodized red. In example the RaceFace Atlas AM crankset – a popular choice among custom build Inspired Bikes due to the multiple color available.

No doubt the brand’s statues may be gone, but their products are of very high quality and it will definitely be a pity to see them go. Along with a Custom Bash ring produce by us for good durability and light weigh, a VP cage pedal, and its all good for some power from the foot.

If that isn’t powerful enough to convince you of the this owner’s capability in doing that, check out the SuperMoto SG Decals added on the top tube. Owner Airick Chia, whom we believe is heading the SuperMoto.SG Committee that runs the Web forum with passion and dedication, also has a strong passion in SuperMoto Racing!

A new long armed TrialTech Tensioner supports all that power and makes sure that the chain is inline all the time to the 22T/17T trial bias gear ration for better pedal ups and pedal kick gaps.

All that laced onto a pair of ChrisKing hubs, Marwi Rainbow Titanium spokes which we cut down from Airick’s previous set of 26″ wheel set and have all these laced on a custom painted Atomlab rims. Mounted on the other side as well as the front are a pair of MAGURA Storm SL rotors which are light weight and its heat dispersal design makes brake modulation technic a walk in the park to master and apply!

Already have the Hope stem, and taking into consideration of what looks like a very UK’ish stem bar set up. Airick took the advice on not cutting the original steerer tube at all and have this set up dial in before making any further changes. A pair of Hope Monos were ran on this bike and some changes have been made to make it more ” compatible” for this Inspired Frame. First of all the Inspired Fouplay’s rear disk brake mounts are 180mm direct. So what we did was to swoop the calipers only and by using the front caliper on the rear we manage to achieve the 160mm set up with the rear caliper giving us a direct IS mounted front 180mm rotor size application!

Another planned and sorted custom job but this is not the only new Inspired that enjoyed these special attention! Watch out for our next post , Project Bumble bee where we are going to feature a fully re-worked Inspired Hex early next week!

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