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Project Bumble Bee

March 28, 2011

We need no introduction or explanation for the name of this project but we do need to conclude that this one hell of a Hex! Repainted straight from a brand new frame and build up as soon as all the parts are round up together!

Build on a more trials bias set up, Rhino (Leon) , decided on the flat bar set up and a sticky Try-All tires on the rear on this Inspired Hex frame. And the “Build for Rhino” decals? more on a Rhino bias set up as Leon has the decals made himself and have it delivered to us just to complete the bike for the photo shoot.

When black is too normal and not wanting to add other colors which may complicate things, Leon decided on the BlackSpire DH headset to match with the strong head tube of the Inspired Hex frame.

The drive system consist of some heavy duty trial cranks from Modulo and 18T threaded Trialtech Sprocket and running 15T TrialTech Spline cassette Cog on a ChrisKing hub. A Single Speed Tensioner and conversion spacers also from TrialTech.

With so much new additional parts over some of the used components transfered from its previous bike, It however did lost some designer graphic on the original Hex frame. But gain some other thoughtful ones which we put together with some of the TrialTech decals that comes with almost any TrialTech parts and have the main Inspired wording duplicated on the exact location where it originally belongs, only now in Black to match the whole Yellow and black look – Bumble bee!

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  1. attitudebikes permalink*
    December 28, 2011 1:38 am

    You may email to for more information!

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