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Long awaited RockShox Reverb Seatpost

April 30, 2011

Finally after the long wait its finally here!

Available in 30.9 and 31.6mm seat post size diameter and multiple models that vary in insertion length and travel. RockShox have proven themselves again as one of the fore-frontiers in after market suspension system supported products for the cycling industry.

Its all about the package. The Reverb Seat post comes with a complete set of bleeding kit, tools (T25 Torque Allen) ,suspension fluid, extra o-ring for hose trimming, cable guides, and even cable ties are provided!

Actuation comes from a fully enclosed hydraulic system. With the lever being able to be use on the right hand side of the bar with lever up right and the left hand actuation with the lever hidden neatly under the bar. We recommend this setting more because of the frequent placement of our mountain bikes upside down and there’s a high chance the lever may be damage.

Making the seat post light was also a challenge and Rockshox uses Air pressure for the return over spring to keep the weight of these gems at its lowest.

Clamping system was also made easy for idiot proof assembly – as long as you know how to handle an Allen key well. Strong and robust system make them a cut able the rest just by it’s looks!

Being tested in the trails now and by most of our customer happy with their new seat post, we conclude that dispute all the issues the first batch of Reverb – which was recalled. This batch of Reverb seems so far problem-less and comes in higher quality finishes in example the most noticeable difference was the hose that was being used. We are pretty positive about this post and this should be the new item to get on your next thought of RockShox.

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  1. Craig Slattery permalink
    May 3, 2011 7:37 am

    Thanks guys for the seatpost… it works a treat and was a real help with my first try at downhill trails (DRAK in Batam).

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