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April 30, 2011

After more then 11 years and going through hundreds and thousands of spokes. And due to the constant demand of our Custom Wheel building by Han. We decided on a second Philwood Spoke Cutting and Threading Machine.

Its hard to put it into words our relationship with our tools. We love them so much and we take care of them all the time. Simply because of the respect we have for the tools and the bikes they are going to be working on. And eventually the owners and our customers whom we look at them with more then just friends to us.

This wonderful piece of machinery have helped us understand a lot through our years of experience in spokes and wheels. Different density of a single cut reflects the stiffness, flexibility and overall quality of the spoke. Exploding into a gigantic web of endless possibilities to build individualistic wheels for riders looking for something they aspire. Now, at this point. Do you think this post is still about the machine? Yes – But only part of it.

The basic fundamentals of material and product understanding is always important in any mechanical industry, never the less the cycling industry. We have tried many way to improve wheel quality by developing with manufacturers rims that are almost indestructible, titanium spokes that are feather light and pretty like a lady with their fanciful color choices.

The importance here is about matching adequate products with a pair of professional hands that build the wheels to achieve the distinctive purpose . Not just the products – New and fancy may be the trend, and light weight being the desire with minimal advantages. We strive to find the “Balance” – a word that only means a combination of time, knowledge and skill to achieve.

Then again, with millions of choices in the market to choose from and its almost impossible to experience all of them. We are always ready for new challenges and welcome debates on every Whys and Hows. Simple because if we don’t use it on our own bikes, we aren’t retailing them to you. Because at AttitudeBikes we provide for what you “Need”, and not just what you “Want” or what we “Have” on the shelves.

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