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Nicolai ION14 – 4X / Trail

May 3, 2011

Short video of Rider’s Spirit/ Nicolai 4X Team @ the Avalanche Cup Lyon la Sarra 2011. Featuring for the first time on media, the Nicolai ION14 . News of this unique and refreshing frame started in March during Taipei show when we saw the first prototype build.

Rider’s Spirit/Oz en Oisans/Avalanche Cup Lyon la Sarra 2011 from Quentin DERBIER on Vimeo.

Nicolai also posted up some new ION14 4X complete build photos less then an hour ago on their Nicolai FaceBook Page and here we have for you – The released media look of the ION14. And yes, you will be seeing it on our shores really soon as it has already been ordered the day we set our eyes on it.

We see some major changes over the prototype model especially on the rockers and shock mounts -and this is way sexy then before.

We love just simply how Nicolai Bikes never fail to amazed us and fans alike. They have never been a high publicist company yet they products never fail to influence and create tons of dream bikes in people’s mind!

Then again, that what makes us extremely honored to be representing them at this part of the world and spreading the passion of more then just bicycles . But simply in genius German engineering technology that’s pioneering the bicycle industry.

More info on the specs of the frame will come shortly once our frame arrive! Excited we sure are!

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