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12 hours, 175 kilometres, 6th place.

June 6, 2011

Build for the Race, Proven by endurance. Kristan completed the recent 12hours race just over 1 day ago at the annual 12 hour endurance night race by the Cyclone series, AttitudeBikes was also there to support/ part participate with Kristian and and the rest of the MEET4RIDE Team.

Being a recreational racer, Kristan take part in races big or small. From XC to endurance to stages races overseas. Of course once a while in our local special races. All in all, a racer’s spirit on a hobby level.

What we have here is an with tons of goodies. But unfortunately some are not good enough hence they are replaced like the complete xt 10 speed groupset have been replaced by SRAM XO 10 spd.

The Shimano XT brakes have been replaced by MAGURA MARTA SL brakes for its light weight and more reliable braking power. Not forgetting the matching Anodized red colors to match the candy red on the frame! Not forgetting to mention that this bike came with tons of goodies that we did not changed out? Here’s loads of light weight parts from FRM, from the stem, the bars to the complete Chain wheel set.

Concern in regards to the flex of 29ner wheels that looses pedal efficiency and lateral movement strengths. The original wheel set have been replaced and hand build by using Hope Pro 2 Hubs in Anodized red laced with Philwood 15G Race spokes and Loaded 29ner Rims. Fortunately, also in Anodized red as well! Wrapped with Kenda Nevegal Small block 8 converted to Tubeless with StansNoTubes Goodies. Now that’s performance and “Bling” all at the same time!

Here we have, a race build , race proven 29ner bike. Complementing the recent trends of 29ner bikes in most manufacturer. The industry is definitely going into a new and positive direction.

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  1. June 6, 2011 3:25 am

    Love it! Thanks again for the support and help guys – you guys rock!

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