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Function over form. – Our Race Culture.

June 6, 2011

Practicality, Strong balance between light weight and strength. Smooth, fast and efficient. These are all the factors you will need on a race bike. These are what you see, and “can’t” see here. Lets put it this way. Its the stuff you can’t see that really make the difference.

And all the above are of great importance to the owner of this bike, and his purposes -Mr Morten Hansen. With a long history of Motorcycle Racing under his sleeves, no uncertainty on this demand for the best when he started mountain biking. Where he came from, the slightest mechanical mistake in motorcycle racing can amplify onto a series of serious trouble. Hence Morten’s first sentence to us when he first walked in to AttitudeBikes was :” Im here to challenge your reputation…i need to get these done…”

The same kind of Race mentality has to be respected with the same kind of Race oriented service. Nothing is what it seems anymore. The Suspensions are re-worked, the wheels and hubs are all hand build and calibrated. Gears are tune to shift on load in the race and so precise you just need the tip of your finger to shift the gears when you are cruising and not after the competitor in front that could be just milliseconds away. How do we get there? Well We often hear this from Morten initially: ” Im a very angry customer… this is not working… Its not shifting “Like this “…. “. Well lets just put it this way, hes not your normal guy u say “You can’t do this” or “it can’t be done” to.

The best part of this build is that nothing have been changed to our liking. But we made it work, race, endure and weather through almost everything Morten threw at it. Beside some product deformations and high wears which, we all come to mutual understand due to these modifications and product choices,these are unavoidable and acceptable to a certain extend when you are talking about racing at these high levels. And slowly, these conversation from Morten will end like : ” Ahh… so thats why…” and after understanding he will ask:” so what can we do about it?” Its strong demanding questions like this, kept us strong in our constant demands from our customers.

Recently Morten completed The 5 day 7 Stage MTB Enduro stage race in Australia, Alice Spring and came back with 9th position in his class and 47th over 300 participation and fortunately but unfortunately, only the front big chain ring got worn out! Causing him to be ” not as fast” because the shifting was slower. You may think that’s reasonable but not until you know he had trained for months for this event and he was right after a competitor that was just minutes away after 4 days and they are on their last stage! Frustration on these mechanical limitations at these critical points, can be rather, frustrating.

These words above. Are the constant feedback and results we desire here at AttitudeBikes. These achievements/ challenges keep us going, set new bench marks for our services, learning and providing for others who demand the best that we can, from us. This, is our very own AttitudeBikes’ Race Culture which we proudly declare. You can’t get it else where.

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