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Specialized Pitch, “Specialized”.

June 6, 2011

From an off the shelve complete bike that’s decently priced for its package, This is where the owner Sherwyn, a race car builder/tuner from Australia started his Mountain Biking hobby. But doing what he does best, he makes sure that every “tune-up” and every “mod” will only better the performance of the bike at minimal sacrifices at all. A very good example will be the custom fitted Truvative Hammerschidmt crankset, heavy as it is, but lightning shifts and reliability assured.

Turning have been improved by a slightly high riser and lighter bar from Easton. While better braking power and reliability over the previous brake set but not spending a bomb, he opted for an older model MAGURA MARTA SL sharing the same caliper system as the latest ones! – Think performance only!

Although wheels have been rebuild with ZTR flow rims and Philwood spokes, traction have been increased but its nothing without control! After some research Sherwyn decided on a set of X-Fusion suspension systems – Vengence 160mm on the front and balance it with a X-Fusion Air Shock on the rear.

The robust look and stiff lower fork chassis will give every rider the feel of strength and rigidity the moment you get on the fork. Definitely giving other fork companies a run for their money for the price this fork is asking for.

Front fork also Features multiple adjustable knobs for Rebound (Above) to High and low speed compression (Below).

Rear Shock have been replaced by a X-Fusion RCX AV big volume rear shock. Controllable mid stroke and easy set up makes this rear shock one of a kind. High Build quality and great finishing means we should see more of these products being recommended to our customers!

A great communicated dialogue between builder(car) and builder(us). And all in all a decent priced project, a well thought build, but with great gains and performance.

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  1. February 18, 2012 9:33 am

    How X-Fusion fork works ? Are You satisfied ?

  2. attitudebikes permalink*
    March 12, 2012 5:21 pm

    so far so good. its stiff and it provides very good adjustability for its price!

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