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Demo”Stration” 8 – Your Downhill Needs.

July 14, 2011

Think Sam Hill and his riding style, nothing flamboyant. Just pure technical capabilities and how far that carries him during the UCI World Downhill Championships. But nothing of that is complete without a flashy, up to date and full of technologically force-fed frame that works like wonders.

The countless World cup podium finish tells you that this frame means business. Equipped with the unique patent FSR rear linkage system providing very sensitive small bumps feedback all the way to big hit drops and jumps. Something which we could not really feel in other off the shelve Downhill frame.

Maybe that is also why we recently have went Demo crazy and this happen to be one of latest set up we have done. With some little tweeks here and there. Nothing have been done to the frame and rear shock, just suspension tuning, bike fit and of course building it up!

Consideration, long dialogues on build specs, techsheet discussions. But nothing beats the owner’s decision on impulse to own one of the last few pieces of Demo 8 from our local importer. Being limited also means the lack of color choice and also, size.

Wheels are build with limited edition Anodized Red ZTR StandNoTubes Flow Rims, Hope pro 2 hubs laced with philwood spokes, all time favorite Maxxis DHFs, SRAM Descendant crankset – light and strong. Not forgetting a TF tuned equipped front RockShox Boxxer Team fork. Special soft springs have to ordered in order for a light rider to fully brutalize the fork!

Simple, off the shelve, and yet in your face. In our opinion the most value for money Downhill frame of the year 2011 – In Singapore that is.

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