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National Downhill Championship 2011 – Kent Ridge Park

July 18, 2011

Photo credits to :- HanYao Neo (Source – Facebook)

The Singapore National Downhill Championship was held on the 3 July 2011 at Kent Ridge Park. Using the Same course with a few changes to increase the fun and also to make the trail longer and more interesting then ever! A few new jumps at different locations from the past. But almost no one took any of the easier route besides the last 3foot jump, Which carries a 10 seconds penalty! Hefty for a short track like this but it sure pushes the boys to ride harder for the next few races to get themselves prepared!

Unfortunately we are all excited and busy riding/ racing and supporting our own team and everyone forgotten about the media that we need to provide for our fans of this blog. We sincerely apologize and we will make sure there’s tons of photo after each event from now!

Walton Seah – Nicolai Helius AM
Joshua Weng – Giant Reign X
John Tan – Nicolai Argon FR

Team manager/Chief Mech:-
Ong Wei Han

Team Support :-
Jek Han
Zhi Wei

So lets See how our boys did during the race! :- Race Result

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