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Nicolai 2011- Mayhem Part 1

July 18, 2011

After much waiting and many diffiulties along the way, finally we receive our set of frames from Nicolai.

Nicolai BMXTB Race in Fire Department Red, Same frame the Gates Nicolai riders Quentin and David Graf uses for some of the World UCI 4X races.

Gates Carbon Drive ready and this bike will be belt driven upon completion.

Owner’s Name being engrave on the seat stay!

Another BMXTB RACE, Custom painted in Yamaha YZ blue and Silver glitter finish. This frame is also equipped with FMXTB head-tube gusset rather then the standard ones.

ANd the reason for this unique color? because its the owners second Nicolai. The other is a

You will benefit with all these light weight, precisely machined and extremely stiff drop-outs as standard!

A special request to have the name ” BMXTB RACE” engraved on the chain-stay of the this beautiful frame!

Tailor Made Nicolai Argon FR29’er with Argon CC29’er Geometry, anodized black,special head-tube gussets.

New engraving over the old standard which is just a single letter “A”.

Custom Removable Rohloff Guides, hollow box welded chain-stay and seat-stay yoke!

And the best part – Gates carbon drive ready!

New Helius AC for 2011, Some geometry changes. New Anodized Titanium color and Anodized black rear end. We will talk about the fantastic ride feel of the Rockshox Mornarch M3 later on the individual build post!

You will only enjoy the full view on the detailed welding marks, in anodized colors.

“Extra Love” in Anodized Titanium but the caps in Anodized Blue. Yes, you can mix and match just like buying your gummys!

And next up, will be a frame everyone is excited about so much the man become boys!

A Nicolai Helius AFR, tailored with too much option to list we are keeping it to ourselves until the full build is up. Be jealous. Really jealous.

We also receive our first set of PIMP KIT from Nicolai specially made for better performance and color matching purposes for Truvative Hammerschidmt cranks. These are CNC made with non-industrial custom made stainless steel bolts to mount the front plate.

And new CNC bits to guide the cable more direct and more clearance for unforeseen circumstances with roots, rocks or anything that maybe your in your ways in the trail to rip the cable off!

Finally a Happy owner of the one and only PIMP KIT in town at the moment on his Nicolai Helius AM!

Here we are and more build report will be out as we build up these Nicolais One at a time!

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