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Be(ginner’s) Special(ized SX)

July 22, 2011

First time on a full suspension and the need to satisfy the craving blasting through the trails without the extreme feedback from a hardtail. Jeff had us build this bike up for him, the way we would like him to enjoy riding it, and the way he want it to look at it. In example the X-fusion Vengeance fork that looks beefy and enables tons of adjustments – the best of both worlds, the looks and the works.

Simple Single chain ring set up – cost effective and less complication on chain line and complex gear changes during trail rides.

1 x 10 with the help of a mix from SRAM XO and X9 parts.

Reputable Easton Bars and Thomson products like Stem and Seat post, Magura Louise Bat to ensure sufficient braking power for All mountain free ride applications.

Of course, some latest bling from Hope – Pro 2 EVO featuring revised Ratchet and hub bearing seal systems. Laced with Philwood Spokes and Red Anodized ZTR NoTubes Stanz rims. Tubeless of course.

Removing the figures from your bank account in large quantity not necessary get you a bike you “NEED”. Just a bike you “WANT”. And our professional consultation could be a solution, but not until you give us the trust like Jeff did – including a long dialogue as to how “WE” should build the bike and not “YOU” or “US” making it happen the way “YOU” or “US”, “WANT” it.

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