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Nicolai BMXTB Race – Carbon driven

July 25, 2011

Nicolai BMXTB Race, Gates Carbon Drive ready, proven in multiple winnings in the recent World 4X UCI championships. And this is also, one of the first two Nicolai BMXTB Race in singapore. We will be building up the non Carbon Drive, “geared up” Race version very soon!

The only difference we see here is the application of Gates Carbon Drive system. Yes, also commonly know as Belt Drive system. However this is not your usual rubberize version, it actually contains a layer of patented carbon cords which makes them almost 4 times stronger and stiffer then chain.

4x also means the usage of many light weight cross country parts from this custom painted Matt black X-Fusion Velvet RL which weighs just below 1.4kg,

To this set of Limited Edition Magura Marta “RACELINE”– 600 sets world wide. Same masters, calipers and carbon lever blades like the SLs, but finished in the well know “RACELINE” neon yellow on the Lever and caliper caps.

Next up are the wheels that are taken care of by a pair of Hope Pro 2 EVO Trials for close engagements. Laced with a pair of very light StansNoTubes ZTR Crest Rims in white with our much trusted Philwood 15G/1.8mm straight pull spokes in black.

Weighing at just over 11kg for the whole complete build, we ran into some issues trying to “catch up” with this speedy beast especially on the rhythm sections at our local BMX park! Everyone who tried it became so much of a better rider with the ease to command and control just like your game console controllers running a BMX game!

Build to be a fun BMX park bike, 4X and also an official race car pit bike replacing the owner’s previous Nicolai FMXTB!

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