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Visit to Zurich and Nicolai Switzerland

August 22, 2011

Visiting one of our old friend, Phil Litz. Whom acquired a Nicolai Nonius CC from us back in 2009 for a short detour before we hit Germany For the Nicolai open house 2011.

Seen a little of Zurich city, train stations, old churches but nothing beats what is going to come up next 

We got the chance to meet Geri Bugmann from Nicolai Switzerland, representative and distributor of Nicolai bikes in Swiss. They may be operating from just a home garage but the love they have for these beautiful bikes that we saw says a lot more then the initial look on the outside. 

They provide a good range of test bikes for their customers and good services with etiquette product knowledge. This is from Phil’s personal experience in ordering his new Nicolai ION ST from Nicolai Swiss

Kind and lucky enough, Geri pass us a Nicolai Helius AC in size s, which he had recently build as a test ride bike for ladies! Ok let’s put the ego aside and face it , we can’t ride anything bigger with our Asian sizes ! 

Off to a backyard trail at Uetliberg, Zurich, join by Matt who frequents this specific trail. After a 1 hour climb chatting all the way up, we finally meet the hill top with a very spectacular view of Zurich , well almost the whole Zurich.

We then head for the descend, something that I look forward to so much. Almost 15 minutes of downhill over multiple twist and turns. The sudden adrenaline rush from the fast acceleration without even pedaling is something we have never encounter before! And if you may think that going downhill may not need as much rest as uphill? Well we do need to stop and rest occasionally from tired fingers holding on to the brakes most of the time on an unfamiliar trail. – or either that we are just not skillful enough to release them! 

The Short ride on a nice evening pretty much sums things up in Zurich and next day we are on Air-berlin to Hanover, Germany for the Nicolai open house. Many thanks to Phil, our long distant friend from Zurich and Geri Bugmann from Nicolai Switzerland for the beautiful Helius AC! We had an enjoyable trip and wonderful experience because of you guys ! 

A little video on the top of the hill!

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