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Nicolai Hausmesse 2011, Part 1 – Insufficient 2 days

August 29, 2011

Finally we arrive at the holy land of Nicolai Bikes, where ideas are made to reality. A big family bonded by the same ultimate goals. And each and everyone plays their part to be 100 percent in their job with more then the word ” passion” can describe. 

The “culture” we call it at Nicolai is beautiful. The people that fit in, are each unique on it’s own which contributes to the ultimate bonding. Breakfast on the same table before work starts, shares information on bikes and latest news in the industry out of interest rather then work.  No wonder they take 4 months of interview selections from job application and apprenticeship just to get 1 mechanic for bike assembly.

So no fancy bike photos? Special technology showcased for 2012? – All these, you will have to wait because you must first meet the people we have met, masters and apprentice, machinist and painters, scenery and machinery. Trust us, you will be able to appreciate and understand the bikes better when We are done with part 1. 

We try to include pictures of everyone but 2 days and 500 photos later and we still miss out on information like this tell you only one thing – two days are never enough when you are at Nicolai Factory. 

First , of course – Kalle Nicolai , owner, director , the man, you name it . Everything about these posts, bikes, technology and people we are going to introduce have his name written all over him. And next to him? Well that’s Thomas from Bike Bauer – a premium Nicolai distributor in Germany , and a gear box fanatic who owns almost 40 Nicolai and half of them G-Boxx equipped! 

This is Vincent Stoyhe. Who manages almost everything under Kalle which includes international sales and marketing to top secret projects that they are or will be running.  Besides him, his girlfriend Jenny who happens to be documenting the whole event with a very professional camera. 

The hungry man Moritz Mußmann , the man whom we saw eating most of the time during the 2 days, and someone we spoke to very often with every frame order till the point we receive them. He can tell off hand if any special request is possible or not. And not just someone who punches orders like data entry. He understands, in collective information perspective from riders and make necessary recommendations on orders made. Because he is also a cyclist – A competitive one!

Next up will be Johannes Schwabe, the G-Boxx Specialized and an Enduro Rider who frequents good results from races. We had never seen someone so happy with turning so many screws everyday! He even told us to spread the “G-boxx love” so he can have more G-boxxes to Assemble! We had the honor of watching him assembled part by part, a Nicolai Nucleon E2 which we collected at the factory itself after the show. Step by step he showed us and explain the specialty of the parts involved.

Kalle’s Dad, whom made delicious Pork steaks and sausages that kept everyone’s stomach full!

Torsten Knoke was the welder we met during the open house and later part of the 2nd day i realise he had actually been working on the new Nicolai ION 18 frame for EuroBikes!

And this is Helge Iden, one of his he jobs are to bend seat stays (by hand!) and get them to the right tolerance. There he was showing us another one of our projects, A Nicolai Helius RC tailored made frame’s anodized titanium seat stay. Its so tailored we only saw this part of the frame being made so far!


Last but not least, we have Volker. Master Chief Mechanic, second longest employee of Nicolai Bikes since it started (Longest will be Sasha – Chief Welder!). He is in charge of frame repairs, services and assemblies. But what interest us when we met was his never ending knowledge from simple mechanic technics for assembly and service jobs to sophisticated explanation towards the wonders of Nicolai frames and their technology behind it. Well he may not be the longest service employee but he’s sure to be the one we spent most of our time with during our stay!

And here we have, the crew after 2 long days of open house, questionnaire and factory tours. Celebrating it away with bottles of German Beer! Lets take a break too and continue with Part 2 – The History, really soon!

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  1. Whafe permalink
    August 29, 2011 6:56 pm

    Fantastic post, Nicolai, a fantastic company…….

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