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Nicolai Helius AFR – Last of its kind.

August 31, 2011

This would probably be the last Nicolai Helius AFR you should see on our blog. Nicolai have decided to remove it off its handmade list of frames. Having it replace with the new Nicolai Range of Nicolai Ion 14 ( 4x, trail), 18 (All mountain, Freeride), and 20 (Downhill).

Maximizing its intended travel all the way to 200mm on the front meaning a dual crown fork application was chosen for its long lasting robust look, stiffness, and definitely – its coolness! What you do not see here will be a 2012 Boxxer Worldcup arriving very soon and we will have this Boxxer Team out of here! And a custom tuned ELKA suspension will replace the DHX coil on the rear.

To make this more special then paint job – Sulfur yellow with silver glitter finish clear coat, this Downhill ready rig is Rohloff Equipped!

A little love goes a long way. But when it comes to color application, well we can never get enough of “a little” cant we? This is why the owner and us made a bold decision to have the Bar, Stem, Hubs, Rims, Cranks, Bashring, ChainGuide and almost the fork and the rear seat stay in RED! Be it anodized or Bright painted red, it goes on.

We may Bid farewell to the Helius AFR model from the production line, but there always a successor waiting to come back into the picture and do what its does, in this case the new ION 18. But what we lose is the ability to adjust multiple rear travel options. And the time-less look of the Helius tube-set constructions dated back to the early 1990s Freeride Application. This is by far, the loudest Freeride bike we have build, screaming for attention.

Till then, the Helius range now will be back to a maximum travel of 167mm rear travel on the Nicolai Helius AM with a max 170mm front fork permitted. And the New Nicolai ION 18 will fill in the shoes of the Nicolai Helius AFR with a 180mm rear travel and 180-200mm front fork application.

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