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GrossManProject MS – A Childhood Dream.

September 20, 2011

Oliver Grossman, a friend and the founder of GrossManProject Bikes. Which we have know since AttitudeBikes was know as Corratec Singapore, and Oliver was one of the main sponsored and product development rider.

What we have here coincidentally are 3 MSes range from early 2000s to the last few MS2 that was produced in year 2008.

It all started when this 2007 model MS came in looking for a major make over.

A childhood dream to own a GrossManProject MS frame and custom build up by AttitudeBikes. Well, the boy eventually become a man and now making enough money to buy what most rider may afford – the Blings and the works.

But faithfully, before he can move on to anything more. He needs to get his dream fulfill. To finally pedal down hard on the bike and feel it blast through the trails – With his Childhood dream bike.

That was when he managed, a very good condition MS. In its original color and state for this make over build up. Well, its a dream come true isn’t it? Till then, AttitudeBikes will continue vouching for GrossManProject’s return to the cycling industries providing much rider orientated “race” bikes as your weekend warrior ride-able.

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